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British Postbox Treat-Dispensing Soft Plush

British Postbox Treat-Dispensing Soft Plush

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Have you seen these in Hong Kong?

• A nostalgic & iconic British Postbox toy for owners to send their dogs letters... or treats! It is an excellent purchase if you are homesick, missing Hong Kong or buying it as a last-minute souvenir/gift.
• Long treat-dispensing tunnel to hide/drop treats to train and challenge your dogs’ cognitive abilities, while keeping them engaged during interactive play!
• Open the lid to put treats/food or simply put into the 'letter hole', just like sending a letter.
• Personalize the toy by writing your dog's name down on the toy!

• Reduce your dogs' separation anxiety when you leave the house.

• Squeaky toy that makes sound when squeezed!

• Paper crinkle sound that keeps your dogs entertained.
• Extra layer of reinforcement layer to withstand strong pulling force.

• Easy to clean design that has open lid - machine & hand-washable
• Suitable for all dogs. 

Please monitor them while playing as excessive biting may break the toys or even cause choking hazard.

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