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Tuna Flakes

Tuna Flakes

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Tuna Flakes are a deliciously popular dog (and cat) treat. The smoked fishy taste is irresistible and dogs (and cats) go crazy for these tuna flakes. This flavorful treat is great as a food topper as a protein boost and to get finicky eater gobble down their food. Caught in the South Pacific, this product is inspected in Canada and packed at our facility in Vancouver, Canada. 1.1 oz. (30 gram) bag Out-of-this-world good: irresistible tuna flakes with a smoked fishy taste for dogs and cats.

- 100% tuna

- single-ingredient health food

- Known as brain food: a smart buying decision for an even smarter pup

- Goodness on-the-go: mess-free with no refrigeration needed; all in a convenient resealable package

- Great source of high-quality protein, omega-3’s, and nutrients that support your dog’s skin & coat health

- Portions sizes perfectly suited to training

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